5SOS Take On Acoustic Versions Of Their Hits Live On Air With...

5SOS Take On Acoustic Versions Of Their Hits Live On Air With Ryan Seacrest


Our Aussies are back at it and killing the game! 5 Seconds of Summer just released their brand new album Sounds Good Feels Good and they stopped by On Air With Ryan Seacrest to pay him a little visit.

And 5 Seconds of Summer just continues to steal our hearts.

These boys always know how to make themselves original and set themselves apart from the rest of the musical crowd. Whether it’s talk about Michael Clifford‘s hair color this week or how different their music is, people are talking about 5SOS…..ALL THE TIME!

This constant infatuation with these boys is more than earned considering they went from being found on YouTube to opening for One Direction to driving fans crazy everywhere and anywhere they set foot.

The fellas are constantly changing their sound and are one of the few bands these days bringing back the rock sound from late 90’s-early 2000’s such as the Blink 182 era. The bands lyrics in their songs are relatable and just so damn catchy you are without a doubt bound to have one line stuck in your head all day if you happen to come across their tunes.

5SOS’ new single “Hey Everybody” is so down to Earth and relatable it kinda makes you feel like home in a strange way. Anyway, we’re obsessed with everything 5 Seconds of Summer and we love how the boys are always 100% themselves!

Who’s your favorite member of 5SOS and why?

Check out 5SOS’ stop at On Air With Ryan Seacrest below and let us know what you think about the new album and songs!

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