Starting off 2015 right with a new music video premiering for his song ‘Summer Song’ (Watch it here! & insert link to other post about the music video once it’s created) and having major plans for his music, Beau LePaige is taking the music industry by storm this year. Even though Beau has traveled all over performing numerous shows and becoming a veteran of Vans Off The Wall’s “Warped Tour”, he still continues to set his goals high when it comes to his music. LePaige hinted at the upcoming year when asked what was in store for his fans by revealing he has multiple EPs that are going to be released in 2015 and you may even see him in your own town as he’s looking into going on some tours later this year!


In the past, Beau has been known for his storytelling lyrics and love songs that captivate not only the heart but the mind. The new song ‘Summer Song’ was actually fairly easy to come by according to LePaige and he says it only took him 20 minutes to initially write! Like most artists, Beau comes by song writing honestly and has a natural knack for stringing lyrics together but sometimes other minds collaborating on a project can bring a better outcome. “If I really believe what I’m saying songwriting is a fairly quick process. Of course it took a bit longer before Jon Leone (producer) and I sat down and really made it into what it is today” LePaige stated about his new song ‘Summer Song’.


2015 is looking busy for this ukulele loving artist and it starts today, January 5th, at his ‘Summer Song’ music video release show in Hollywood, CA at the Luck Strike bowling alley! Make sure to keep up to date with Beau and all he’s up to on his social media’s below!


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