Brooke Eden has been making a name for herself in the country music world and as 2017 starts to kick in full force, there is nothing stopping her from taking over the radio waves this year.

Eden released her Welcome To The Weekend EP in September of last year and it ended up having rave reviews and millions of streams on Spotify which just shows how infectious Brooke’s music really is. The country riser’s new single “Act Like You Don’t” was just released as her lead single for 2017 and is the perfect breakup song describing the overall journey and feelings one has after the split. Sometimes it’s hard to try to co-exist with someone when all of that built up tension and history is between you and the other person.

Between the perfect sweet spot high notes Brooke hits and the lyrical content behind the song, this one is just something special. Even though the song has just been released as her new single, “Act Like You Don’t” quickly became the top song Eden has had on Spotify with over 3 million streams and counting. Keep killing the game girlfriend, we’re all rooting for our fellow Florida native!

Grab Brooke’s Welcome To The Weekend EP HERE which includes “Act Like You Don’t” for a chance to get to hear all 4 of her new songs!

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