There’s really no explanation or description needed for Justin Bieber’s #MyCalvins campaign. Following the Calvin Klein underwear ad legacy of Mark Wahlberg and Nick Jonas, Bieber sent the world crazy with these new ad pictures.


Passion, drive, talent, and perfectly crafted lyrics are four things that make up artist Phil Barnes and the way that he makes himself stand out from the rest of the music industry.

unnamed (2)Photo Cred: Emilee Rose Photography

I’ve only known about Phil for about the past 4 months but right when he showed up on my musical radar I was hooked. Word of mouth does a lot for artists in this industry and recommending artists is one of the best ways for music to be shared and heard by all different types of people no matter what genre they listen to. At first glance, Phil Barnes looks like your typical working man/young adult but in reality he’s much more than that. The second Barnes opens his mouth and belts a few bars of his independently written songs you become captivated by this story that you’re dying to know more about.