Canadian artist Coleman Hell brought his very unique sound and style to the stage in Detroit, Michigan for an outstanding performance on Wednesday night.

Coleman was accompanied on stage by his two band members who provided the instrumentals and astounding backing vocals. The trio creates a very unique sound that is a blend of indie electronic, alternative, and has some classical notes. The show was performed at The Shelter in Downtown Detroit, the venue filled with an excited audience. We all, as directed, clapped along, singing and creating an eclectic atmosphere.

The set list included hits such as “2 Heads,” “Move On,” and “Take Me Up,” which was recently featured on Grey’s Anatomy. Coleman also performed a few songs from his debut album being released some time in 2016. Towards the end of the show, he took requests from the crowd, and called on one young lady who he recognized from Twitter. I had the opportunity to meet him after the show was over and he also remembered me from Twitter. Coleman is very in-touch with his fans and him remembering us proved that for me.  At the end, the crowd demanded an encore and Coleman, accompanied by his band, happily returned to the stage for one final performance. A truly great way to end an already electrifying show.

Considering all these things, the show was phenomenal! I was very impressed by the performance of each song, and Coleman Hell is a musician who sounds better live than in his studio recordings.

I fully believe Coleman Hell is going places, although you’d have to judge that for yourself! Check out his self-titled EP available on iTunes HERE!

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