If you haven’t heard of this guy, you’re definitely missing out! Luke Combs has been making a name for himself in the country music circuit for quite some time now, but with his most recent single hitting country radio he’ll be a voice you’ll hear from now on!

We can all agree that it’s always great to go to a concert and hear a performer that sounds just as good live as they do on their record.  With Combs that is 100% the case! We got to see Luke this past weekend in Sarasota, FL as he played with Travis Tritt and Corey Smith where his set was full of songs that were fun, personal, relatable, and all around country.  Not only can this guy sing, but he writes all of his own songs as well.  Some of the original songs that he played included “Beer Can“, his most recent single “Hurricane“, and a song off his unreleased album that’s titled “Honky Tonk Highway” which will be coming out later this year!

Luke also played his own rendition of Chris Stapleton‘s “Tennessee Whiskey“, because who doesn’t love some good old Jack Daniel’s?  Luke’s voice is very similar to Stapleton’s in the fact that he has very soulful and wonderfully raspy tones that will leave you in awe of his raw talent.

He’s definitely an artist that leaves you wanting more than the allotted 30 minute set, so if you haven’t gotten the chance to see him live, check out his tour dates on his website and catch him when he’s rolling through a town near you!

You can also find Luke on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram; so give him a follow and be sure to check out his new album that drops this fall!


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