Dyllan Murray’s Music Video for New Single “Firecracker” ft. Jack & Jack...

Dyllan Murray’s Music Video for New Single “Firecracker” ft. Jack & Jack and Tyga


Dyllan Murray releases his new single and music video for “Firecracker” featuring Jack & Jack and Tyga!

We caught up with Dyllan on the Atlanta stop of the PopNation Tour and were able to hear “Firecracker” live but now that we have an official audio AND music video for it, we couldn’t be happier!


The music video begins with Tyga rapping the beginning section and then Dyllan comes in with the chorus which has been stuck in our heads for a month! The song highlights a guy telling a girl how much she means to him and how she got him for her own since the first look (we’re literally obsessed).

As the song and video continues, it shows Murray cruising around with his friends, Jack & Jack, as they start spitting their portion of the song. We are obsessed with the collaboration between these three especially! It’s nice to see true friends in real life collaborating for music and completely knocking it out of the park!


Here’s some pics of the “Firecracker” music video!


                    Girls are swooning over the Jack & Jack collab! Who wouldn’t love these faces?!


Check out the official “Firecracker” music video featuring Tyga, Jack & Jack below and let us know what you think!

Here’s just the audio portion of “Firecracker” off of Dyllan’s YouTube, check it out!

Grab Dyllan’s new single “Firecracker” HERE!

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