Here’s The ‘Proof’ That Alex G Is The Real Deal.

Here’s The ‘Proof’ That Alex G Is The Real Deal.


Alex G is a veteran YouTuber with over a million subscribers and enough videos to keep the average person addicted for days on end. My personal favorite thing about Alex G’s artistry are her original pieces of work.

Favorites of mine from Alex G herself include, but aren’t limited to:

And now to add to that list ^ of amazing Alex G originals is her song and music video for ‘Proof’! The music video includes Alex performing an acoustic version of the song along with some beautiful dance choreography provided by Alexia Sky. Alex has successfully paired the vulnerability of this song along with some contemporary dance to bring out every little emotion of the song. The simplicity of the video itself is what really blows the viewer away as it really allows the listener to become fully intertwined in the song along with the choreography the dancer provides without distracting from the song.

Check out the music video here!: ‘Proof Music Video’

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