JoJo has been heading the top music charts since the release of her brand new album Mad Love and now she’s wowing us all again with a brand new music video for her new single!

Fuck Apologies” was the first single dropped off of Mad Love and now “FAB” featuring Remy Ma is starting to make its imprint on the music charts. JoJo is known for being straight up and to the point when it comes to being real whether it was in her music or real life, she definitely tells it how it is.

“FAB” is not only catchy but has impeccable lyrical chemistry that just lays everything out on the line and we’re just happy this song isn’t about us! The music video shows Jo in a bunch of urban areas in the city casually calling out all of the haters and backstabbers. Did we also mention this is perhaps one of the most stunning videos we’ve seen from JoJo, ever? Not that she doesn’t absolutely beautiful in all of her other music videos but the black and white vulnerable aspects of the work really shows JoJo in her element.

We’ve quite possibly played this video over 100 times already and just can’t get over how outstanding the video looks. Check out the official video above and let us know what you think about it and the single itself!

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