Justin Bieber Hilarious & Loving Snapchat Story

Justin Bieber Hilarious & Loving Snapchat Story


Justin Bieber is definitely one to follow on Snapchat but when it comes to his personal snapchat, he gets personal with the exclusive people who have the account.

We’re not giving away Justin’s personal but we are showing you what he’s been up to today on his most recent story update!

Justin, like almost everyone on Snapchat right now, has been following along with DJ Khaled and doing impersonations of his snaps. DJ Khaled speaks in this weird wording and in third person in most of his snapchat stories so everyone has made this way of snapping a trend that is a must do! In the beginning of Justin’s story (seen below in order of posting), Justin starts to use the DJ Khaled humor as he speaks to fans and friends through text on the story. The conversation moves from random to even more random when he starts daring people not to screenshot his story and then teases with cookie emojis.

The story update also included some inspiration for those reading as JB spoke about getting through dark times and believing in yourself. I’d say Justin is kind of a motivational speaker in a way over Snapchat (if that’s possible?)!

We don’t know what inspired this hilarious and sweet snap update but we are loving seeing this come from the Biebs! Can’t wait to see more!

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