Justin Bieber Performs “What Do You Mean”, Drum-Off, and more on Jimmy...

Justin Bieber Performs “What Do You Mean”, Drum-Off, and more on Jimmy Fallon!

BIEBER IS BACK! Justin Bieber is on a press junket to promote his new single “What Do You Mean” and he stopped by Jimmy Fallon to bring us possibly our favorite bits of footage, ever.

Oh Bieber how we love you so! Jimmy Fallon had discussed prior to his interview with Bieber about Justin doing a country version of “Where Are U Now” and it’s easily the best thing we’ve ever heard.

Justin, if the pop music career ever stops working out (which is likely not to ever stop cause he’s freaking amazing) we now know that you can hack it in the country music world!

Check out Justin’s twang of “Where Are U Now” below!

And what’s a visit to Jimmy Fallon without Justin busting it out on the drums in a drum-off against Questlove from Fallon’s band The Roots! Check it out below!

And last but not least, the swooning continues when Bieber performs “What Do You Mean” live on Fallon and it’s everything to us. His vocals? On point. His outfit? On point. His dancing? On point! Seriously nothing Bieber can’t do.

Check out the live performance of “What Do You Mean” on Fallon below!

After the whole VMA performance breakdown it’s so good to see Bieber back doing what he loves and what he was born to do. ¬†We are rooting for you Biebs!

Justin’s album that features his singles “Where Are U Now” and ‘What Do You Mean” is due to be released November 13th and we’re anxiously awaiting it!

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