Kalin & Myles: Crazy For Christmas Show-Orlando, FL (REVIEW)

Kalin & Myles: Crazy For Christmas Show-Orlando, FL (REVIEW)


Kalin & Myles and friends Skylar Stecker, Alex Angelo, and Dawin brought the holiday spirit Friday night in Orlando, FL for their Crazy For Christmas show at The Plaza Live!

Too much talent on one stage for us to handle! The Crazy For Christmas show was a huge success and featured some of our favorites in its lineup! The show encouraged fans to bring in toys and different items for those less fortunate so they can enjoy the holidays as much as we do.

The first act to grace the CFC stage was Disney Star and Interscope Recording Artist, Skylar Stecker! Stecker performed hits off of her first album This Is Me called “Rooftop“, “Boomerang“, and “Crazy Beautiful“! Everyone has been comparing Skylar to Beyonce and even Leona Lewis but we definitely see her breaking a whole new mold for herself in the music industry.

The look, the killer dance moves, and the almost too good to be true voice all add up to Skylar Stecker. The 13 year old dominates a stage and holds herself like she was born onto it. People of all ages can definitely appreciate Stecker’s music and sound as she makes music that not only pertains to her age group but creates beats and songs that make even the parents in the crowd jam out!

Skylar Stecker is coming in hot on our music radars and if she’s ever in a city near you, make sure not to miss her! We’re predicting that this young starlet will be being at the top of the Billboard Music charts within the next year or two. Keep chasing your dreams Skylar!

We got to sit down to chat with Skylar which you can check out HERE and played a fun game of Female Seacrest Secrets: Skylar Stecker Edition which you can check out HERE!

Make sure to grab Skylar’s debut album HERE! Also, check out the pics from the show below!

The next act that came up was stage veteran and DJ, Alex Angelo! Alex got the crowd pumped up and warmed them up for the next acts with his high energy mixes and spins. The amount of energy and performance quality Angelo puts into his performance sets the bar very high for when it comes to performers around his age. From insane mixes to crazy dance moves all the way to his incredible personality, Angelo definitely stands out in the lineup and gets everyone pumped up for what’s to come. Also, Alex played a bunch of today’s hits and picked the perfect ones to set the tone for the show so that just makes us love him even more than we already did!

A lot of people had no clue that this artist was going to make a special appearance to the KAM stage but when he came out the crowd absolutely lost it! Dawin took to the CFC stage and immediately captivated the audience playing his unique songs and, of course, his hit “Dessert“! Everything from covers to his own music Dawin had the crowd singing along and I even saw groups of friends doing their thing jamming out to his hit song “Dessert”.

After three incredible opening acts it was finally time for the main event, Kalin & Myles! KAM came out of the gate full of energy and spark as their KAMFAM went absolutely nuts in the crowd and hung onto every single note and word that was spouted from their mouths. Kalin & Myles are such a unique duo that caters to ages from 10 all the way to parents at age 50, everyone loves their stuff!

Whether it’s talking about girls to talking about life to talking about love, Kalin & Myles’ music got everyone in that venue pumped up and jumping!


I’ve never been to a show where I couldn’t record the artist without hearing a thousand different voices other than their own around me screaming every single lyric to every single song perfectly. The KAMFAM is definitely a dedicated and amazing bunch that just continues to amaze me. Also, Kalin & Myles as performers definitely have the star power to excite everyone in the crowd no matter your age, gender, or any other factor.

A show you don’t want to miss and you NEED to grab tickets to see when they’re in a city near you! Check out the rest of the Crazy For Christmas dates below and let us know what you thought!

December 11th, 2015- Los Angeles, CA- Club Nokia at LA Live

December 13th, 2015- San Francisco, CA- The Masonic

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