Kelly Clarkson Dazzles In New Music Video

Kelly Clarkson Dazzles In New Music Video


Absolutely flawless! Kelly Clarkson releases her new music video for her single “Piece By Piece” off of her latest album.

Kelly released her album Piece By Piece this past spring and ever since has been slowly dropping single after single off of it. Every song on the album was personal and written from a place in Clarkson’s life where almost everyone can relate. We just love to see how Kelly has evolved into this strong and beautiful woman right before our eyes.

The song “Piece By Piece” talks about how even though Clarkson has had her battles with her father in the past, she’s never going to become the person that he was and he has taught her how to not be everything he was. Kelly talks about her husband in the song and about how he picked her up and corrected everything that her father had damaged. Also, Clarkson’s beautiful little girl makes an appearance in the video that has us just in love. The music video is in black and white which we think is perfect for how powerful the song is.

Definitely a song that touches our hearts and hits a personal note for those who have had similar experiences.┬áKelly just keeps writing these hits that are meaningful and really make an impact on someone’s life. Such a great job again Kelly!

Check out the “Piece By Piece” music video below and let us know what you thought!

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