Kelsea Ballerini’s 1st Album ‘The First Time’ Review!

Kelsea Ballerini’s 1st Album ‘The First Time’ Review!

Kelsea Ballerini is a blonde bombshell, exquisite songwriter, on point singer, AND as lovable as can be! Ballerini’s brand new album ‘The First Time’ just released last Friday has every single music chart skyrocketing her name to #1!

tumblr_nolzoyYUn91tbt0o8o1_500Black River Entertainment has hit the jackpot with this gal!

The album has 12 tracks and which are either fully written by Kelsea herself or she co-wrote on them which makes each one more personal and intimate than the previous. The most personal off the record is the title track, ‘The First Time’, that Ballerini wrote all by herself based on personal experience getting left waiting for a guy. Below are some lyrics from Ballerini’s baby:


Also, Kelsea has in tow a rather amazing guitarist/back up vocalist and songwriter named Josh Kerr. Kerr helped write Kelsea’s #1 single off the album called ‘Love Me Like You Mean It’ and many others that are also going to be number one hits if they make it to radio (which ‘Dibs’ better be cause perfection!). I feel like not enough people appreciate or know about the behind the scenes songwriters/guitarists that help make a song the musical genius that it is so this one’s for you Josh! Keep being awesome and making hits! Let us know how being a chart topping, #1 songwriter, feels! Haha!


Ballerini had many celebrity friends that supported her album and tweeted it out but by far the most impactful was the support of none other than Miss Taylor Swift! Swift’s constant support of Kelsea’s career has definitely helped get her music more noticed but i’d say Kelsea would be just fine climbing the charts on her on just because of how amazing her songs are and are portrayed. Taylor’s personal favorite, however, is ‘Yeah Boy‘ and she’s petitioning for it to be the next single off of Kelsea’s album!

tumblr_novsttp2Yx1qbkr1wo6_r1_250My personal favorites off the record are Dibs‘, ‘XO‘, ‘Peter Pan‘, ‘Yeah Boy, and of course ‘Love Me Like You Mean It!

Which are yours? Let us know! Make sure to Grab The First Time HERE and request Kelsea at your local radio station!!

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