Lauren Alaina Self-Titled EP (REVIEW)

Lauren Alaina Self-Titled EP (REVIEW)


Lauren Alaina is back and better than ever! Alaina released her self-titled EP Lauren Alaina on October 2nd, 2015 and it’s pretty much the most incredible thing we’ve heard so far this month in country music.

Lauren’s EP has five songs and if this shows anything for what her full-length album will have in store for us, we’re super excited!

1. “Road Less Traveled

This song is about taking the opposite road in life that everyone else might not be taking. Even though it’s scary to do your own thing and be your own person, it pays off in the end. As Lauren says “don’t be afraid, take the road less traveled on”.

2. “Holding the Other

This song talks about how someone can conquer the world and take it completely over with only one hand as long as they had another person doing it with them. Such a beautiful song about two people who love each other and how together they can do anything.

3. “Next Boyfriend

Definitely my personal favorite off of the EP! This song is a comedic & punny song talking about how a girl sees a guy and sees everything she wants in a boyfriend in this guy she just met. Throughout the song the girl cutely explains how the guy she is singing to is definitely everything she is looking for in a partner and how perfect they would be together.

4. “Painting Pillows

This slower, more personal, song off of Lauren’s EP is one of those songs you play when you’re just in the need of a good tune. Alaina’s crisp vocals and the lyrics in this song describes a breakup which constitutes the best kind of breakup song. As sad as this song is, the lyrics have a sense of home to them. It’s amazing to see how Alaina could turn so much hurt and pain into this beautiful ballad that others can relate to.

5. “History

This last song off the EP is the first single off of it and the perfect song to set the tone for the rest of the songs to be released. “History” is a strong and powerful song about making history and a name for yourself. The background track on the song alone is one to get you fist-pumping in the air and a fire inside you to start burning bright enough to just feel like a bad ass.


Overall, definitely take a listen to this EP! Buy it, love it, obsess over it and just feel every word Alaina wrote and sang about in the contents.

You can grab the EP HERE!

Great job Lauren and we can’t wait to hear a full-length album from you if this hints at anything in the future!

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