Little Mix Brings A Magical Performance To Ellen

Little Mix Brings A Magical Performance To Ellen


Little Mix has a new album coming out November 6th and has been on a nonstop promotional tour across the world for their new singles off the record.

Little Mix was the first act to ever win X Factor and one of the only X Factor first place winners to actually go far in their musical careers. The girls stopped by Ellen on their press tour to bring us an amazing performance of their first single “Black Magic” off of their new album Get Weird.

The magical performance included the girls telling the story of black magic with an Alice In Wonderland inspired set and the girls hypnotizing their guys with their love potions. Such a cute performance and the girls live vocals were absolutely everything for us!

We’re so glad to see these girls doing well in both the U.S. and across all music charts in the world!

Also, we’re super excited because there’s only 2 more days until Get Weird comes out! What single do you like more so far off the album? Let us know!

Check out the video of the Little Mix girls performing on Ellen below!

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