Little Mix Have Us Feeling All The Feels With New Music Video

Little Mix Have Us Feeling All The Feels With New Music Video


Little Mix does it again with their new music video and single “Love Me Like You“!

Our favorite girls in Little Mix just keep cranking out the hits!

Their most recent single “Love Me Like You” has been doing exceptionally well on the charts and to go along with the song of course the girls had to do what they do best and release a bomb music video!

The song itself has a very oldies style feel to it and that didn’t stop the girls of Little Mix from tapping into that inspiration in their music video. The video was shot with multiple scenes depicting the girls all being wooed by this one guy and them saying about how no other guy compares to this one guy. There are scenes getting cozy in a movie theater and in the high school gymnasium for the final scene which was Prom!

It turns out that in the video every single girl was asked to Prom by this one guy who turns out to be playing all of them and once they actually get to Prom none of them actually have a date. Absolutely heartbreaking! Who wouldn’t want to take every single one of these ladies to the dance? A fool for sure!

All four girls looked ravishing in their hair/makeup and outfits on set. They filmed a whole behind the scenes video also showing the making of the “Love Me Like You” music video which you can also check out below!

Watch the music video below and let us know what you think about the song & video!

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