Love Yourself.

Love Yourself.


“It’s annoying how happy you are all the time.”
^This statement annoys me. Why is being overly happy always looked at negatively?

I don’t know what it is but there’s just been something about life lately that has me oozing with happiness. If you know me, you might have seen this sudden change in my mood/posts lately of constant, overwhelming, happiness. Now I’m not complaining one bit about being this way 24/7; I adore it!

In these last couple months I’ve learned so much about myself and who I am as a person. Being 19     (almost 20!) years old and growing up in the 21st century definitely has it’s obstacles that every teen has to overcome. For me, one of the biggest obstacles that I believe I have overcome is loving myself. Too many teens/young adults nowadays don’t see themselves for what they truly are: unique in many different ways and in some way beautiful. Yes, there are some people who are going to be more physically attractive than you and some people who are going to be more emotionally attractive than you but that’s where your self confidence comes in. Everyone has pros and cons to their being, you just have to believe in yourself enough to know how freaking awesome you are.

Also, I’ve learned that you definitely don’t have to change yourself to find people who will love every part of you exactly the way it is. I’m not saying not to strive to always be a better person but if what you’re doing is working for you, don’t change it! People are going to have their opinions, and they have a right to them, but you also have the right to ignore them and live your life the way YOU want to live it. I’ve found that not caring about what every single person thinks of me has in a way lifted so much unnecessary negativity off of my shoulders. Female Seacrest and the job that I’ve chosen has me constantly in the public eye so it is hard at times to not care and not allow others comments affect me but in the end I’m going to do me.

With this changing year I have also come to terms with the importance of good people in my life. I am absolutely blessed to be able to say that I have a handful of people that I can count on and trust with my life since not many people can say that. I am one of those people who thinks she’s Superwoman and doesn’t need anyone but myself, but that is definitely incorrect. Everyone needs at least one person they can turn to at all times and just talk about everything with. I’ve definitely found a few of those people in my life and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

I hope you guys find your confidence and happiness like I’ve found mine in the last couple months. I wake up every morning excited to start my day and loving every little aspect of life, so much that apparently it annoys the crap out of some people lol!

“Find what makes you happy. So happy that your happiness will exude so much that someone will call you annoying. That’s true happiness.”

~ Katie Kaupp

Thank you again loves for reading!


Female Seacrest


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