Megan Nicole “Safe With Me” Music Video

Megan Nicole “Safe With Me” Music Video


YouTube music favorite, Megan Nicole, has gone from covering other people’s songs to making her very own! Megan’s music video for “Safe With Me” just came out today!

Megan has a knack for creating beautiful and deep songs for her fans that just immediately captivate you.

The way Megan tells stories in her songs and through the music videos she shoots just continues to be one of my favorite things, ever.

The “Safe With Me” music video shows a guy who lost his girlfriend who he was going to propose to and he is remembering all of the good times they had together. Megan sits by his side and comforts him as he greaves her death and looks at old Polaroids. All the heart strings are being pulled on throughout this music video.

Such a beautiful song and take on the video, bravo Megan!

Check out the “Safe With Me” video below and let us know what you thought!

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