Meghan Trainor Makes You Feel Better When You’re Dancin’

Meghan Trainor Makes You Feel Better When You’re Dancin’


Trainor released her “Better When I’m Dancin” music video and it has us up on our feet busting a move!

As if Meghan Trainor couldn’t make yet another song that just makes you feel good and want to dance!┬áTrainor seriously only ever needs a ukulele and her pipes to make a hit.

Meghan made “Better When I’m Dancin” just this feel good song one day when she was feeling not so hot when on tour. Trainor said that she realized even though when she was sick on tour, she would go out on stage and dance and realize that she felt much better when she was performing which inspired the song.

Meghan looks absolutely stunning in the video from black & white all the way to the color enhanced scenes. Meghan, teach us your ways!

The music video was done for the Peanuts Movie and the song will be featured on the soundtrack for the movie. Also, Meghan got the chance to have her friends and family participate in the video and dance along with her, see if you can spot them!

Check out the “Better When I’m Dancin” music video below and dance along with us as we jam out to the song! Let us know what you thought!

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