Michael Ray Releases New Music Video For “Real Men Love Jesus”!

Michael Ray Releases New Music Video For “Real Men Love Jesus”!


Michael Ray has definitely been our country breakout artist of the year as he’s quickly rising to the top of every single music chart there is with his newly released album.

Michael had his first single “Kiss You In The Morning” off his album hit the top charts and his second single is following right behind that by blazing a dramatic trail. “Real Men Love Jesus” is Ray’s second single off the album and we’re just so excited to see everyone finally giving Ray the recognition he most definitely deserves as a country artist.

The RMLJ music video came out Monday and is in the running for CMT Top 20 Countdown! The video follows a guy from when he was younger all the way to when he’s fully grown up and shows everything that makes a man a real man. Everything from loving Jesus, loving momma, working hard, and just being a stand-up guy that everyone wants to be around and have.

Check out the music video below and let us know what you thought! So proud of you Michael! Keep on keeping!

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