You may be reading that title and wonder exactly what we’re talking about. Up & coming artist, Millie Thrasher, shows off her vocal talent in new cover of “How Deep Is Your Love” by Calvin Harris & Disciples.

We’ve pretty much seen it all from this gal whether it’s her incredible dancing to her vocals to her unique look, Millie has it all. We’re loving seeing all these cover videos coming from Millie as she is preparing for her forthcoming debut EP hopefully coming out sometime this year.

This cover video shows not only how vocally diverse Millie can be but also welcomes her fans into the more vulnerable and “deep” aspect of Millie as she belts out every note. Also, take a look how the video is simple, shot in black and white, and only focuses on Thrasher’s face which, when put all together, is a definite formula for success.

Make sure to watch all the way til the end of the video for our favorite portion of the video (you’ll know when you see it!).

Check out the “How Deep Is Your Love” cover by Thrasher above and let us know what you thought!

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