New Fashion Blog Makes Looking Good That Much Easier- Brooke’s Look

New Fashion Blog Makes Looking Good That Much Easier- Brooke’s Look

Not everyone needs to be uber famous in order to be someone worth looking up to. Radio Disney‘s very own radio personality, Brooke Taylor, has just launched her new blog and it’s EVERYTHING!

I appreciate when people share their personal fashion/life tips and tricks because not everyone has the knack for perfecting those aspects of their life.

I’m the girl who grew up a tomboy with two brothers and absolutely no idea what there was in the world of makeup and fashion until I hit around the age of sixteen (I am now 20 years old LOL). The main struggle in my life: I had no one to teach me how to do my makeup properly, how to dress, or how to fix my hair! You see, my mom rocks this awesome bob that she’s had ever since I was born and I have long tresses that can sometimes become a pain!

brooke-taylor-radio-disney-april-28-2014Thanks to Brooke Taylor now I have someone that can teach me the do’s and don’ts of everything that goes into looking like a girl’s-girl!

Once I entered this industry I quickly noticed how much your image affects who you get to work with and the opportunities that are presented in front of you.

I’ve been an admirer of Brooke’s journey to where she is now and the way she carries herself for years so you could just guess how excited I was when she decided to dedicate a whole website to how she gets her look!¬†Everything from the way Brooke does her makeup, her hair, and how she dresses I really admire and strive to someday be the least bit fashionable.

The blog is beautifully put together to make it easy to see where Brooke gets her items and helpful hints on how to do your hair/makeup. Also the best part is that Brooke shops on a budget for people who aren’t rolling in dough so it’s so nice to know where to get cute clothes and items that are still affordable! Definitely a lifestyle blog you want to bookmark!

Click here to check out!

Great job Brooke and can’t wait to see more stuff from you!

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