One Direction “Perfect” Music Video Is Literally Perfect!

One Direction “Perfect” Music Video Is Literally Perfect!


As if One Direction couldn’t get any more perfect, they release a new music video!

1D released their new music video for their new single “Perfect” off their upcoming album Made In The A.M.

The song itself is said to have been written about Harry Styles‘ and Taylor Swift since there’s lyrics like “if you’re looking for someone to write your breakup songs about” and “if you like cameras flashing every time we go out”.

We can’t confirm or deny the rumors about this song being about T-Swizzle but it really doesn’t matter at this point. The song is freaking amazing and the video matches up with it seamlessly.

The music video is shot in black and white and details the boys hanging out in a hotel doing different tasks. Liam Payne gets a tattoo, Niall Horan plays golf, and Louis Tomlinson plays some soccer in the video.

We love how the boys just kept it simple and classy in this video and didn’t really have to try to create a huge project with this video. The simpler the video, the more we seem to like it (Hint: the “Little Things” video was one of our faves!).

Check out the video below and let us know what you thought!

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