The Pop Nation Tour rolled into Orlando on December 28th, 2014 and brought down Downtown Disney’s House of Blues with it’s riveting show. The show consisted of Round2Crew, IM5, and Alex Angelo just to name a few of the most sought after upcoming artists that participated. Run and backed by superstar manager, Johnny Wright, Pop Nation was a must-see show that was jam packed with hours of live entertainment.

Below is an artist by artist break down of the performances based on the show:

Alex Angelo: For only being 14, Angelo definitely proved himself onstage as not only a performer but also as the shows host. Being a DJ alone is one thing but Alex Angelo brings a stage performance along with him as he DJs, sings, and dances to both today’s hits and his own creations.
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IM5: From 5 people, to 4 people, to 5 people again, to 4 people again, and now back to 3 people making up their group, IM5 has definitely been through it all. With recently losing one of the top vocalists of the group, Will Jay, the Pop Nation show was definitely one that would define where the group was going to go in the upcoming months. Hinting at how 2015 was going to be a fortunate one with new music and new members being added, there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel for the group. IM5 performed their usual set with the same choreography every “5er” loves and can dance along to. Even though the group crushed the stage and was the group of the night when it came to who people were most excited to see, there was a definite void not being filled in the group member department. Luckily for the group, the 3 remaining members (Cole Pendery, Gabe Morales, and Dana Vaughns) could hold their own on stage with their vocals alone. In the current group layout, all 3 members share equal responsibility when it comes to singing with an added bonus of Gabe’s rapping and Dana/Cole’s highlight vocals. Overall, the group is going nowhere but up and the minor set backs that have been occurring in the group will eventually subside which will give way for the groups overall success.
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Round2Crew: Two is definitely better than one when it comes to this duo. Round2Crew is made up of Chase Martin and Pape (Justin Brown) who go simply together like peanut butter and jelly when it comes to their music. Round2Crew brings heavenly vocals and mixes up with original raps and beats that definitely will make anyone’s head at least start to nod along. Chase and Pape closed out the Pop Nation show and had the whole crowd on their feet dancing til the last second. It was great to see other artists such as Eben Franckewitz (Far Young Band) and AyeeDamien come out and support their friends as they headlined the tour.
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Carson Lueders: At first glance one would swear Carson Lueders looks like just another adorable kid with a sick sense of style but once he steps onstage he transforms. Lueders resembles a shrunken down version of Justin Bieber and doesn’t hold anything back when it comes to performing and giving it his all. From his golden locks down to his gold sneakers he has everything he needs to be the next generations star. Carson entailed 2 background dancers to even him out and help him perform his intricate choreography and fully melt the crowd’s heart. With songs written about love and beautiful girls Lueders had the crowd of teenage girls melting in his hands as he sang every word. If Carson doesn’t make it as an independent artist, which would be hard to believe, he will definitely be placed in a group setting since talent like that is hard to come by these days.
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Luke Potter: Coming from across the pond and not having that huge of a following yet here in America, Luke Potter definitely held his own on the Pop Nation Tour stage. Potter’s thick English accent won most of the girls over instantly as the rest of the crowd was just waiting to hear what he could bring to the table musically. Potter’s setlist was filled with originals that truly highlighted the kind of artist he is and gave the overall show an Ed Sheeran vibe. I will say that Potter’s set was a bit slow for the pace of the other acts and kind of brought the party mood down a bit, but overall, Potter left a definite impact on the audience.
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Dreww Michael: The hometown boy came out and won the crowd. Dreww Michael was Pop Nation Tour’s local artist that was one of the openers for the show. Being the rapper he is and knowing how to be in touch with an audience automatically, Dreww opened with Jake Miller’s ‘Collide’ which got the crowd jumping and dancing due to it’s heavy club influence. As a rapper and performer, Dreww Michael definitely has the “it factor” when it comes to captivating a crowd and winning them over. The energy was there, the talent was there, and the audience was definitely present as they non-stopped danced and jammed to Dreww’s set. It was definitely an excellent choice to put Dreww Michael as one of the openers since he set the tone for the rest of the show and hooked the audience.
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O-Sky: She may have looked small but O-Sky’s voice completely took over the venue. From the second O-Sky walked on stage everyone noticed her whether it was due to her small frame or adorable pixie haircut. Being put up against some tough acts when it comes to performances, O-Sky held her own and had everyone in the audience hanging onto every word she spoke with her setlist of originals that she’s written thanks to life experiences. Being so young and having as much writing experience as she had, we can all predict that O-Sky will be one of the next Taylor Swift’s since every single one of her songs captivated the audience and told a story.

Restless Road: You may remember these boys from a little show called X Factor but this group has grown much more than that in the years following their appearance on the hit show. The Pop Nation Tour was one of Restless Road’s first shows as a full group after they replaced lead singer, Colton Pack, with their new lead singer, Jared Keim. At first, I’ll admit I was hesitant when it came to liking the new front man for the group but the second Keim opened his mouth and harmonized with the other two boys, I was hooked. Restless Road is everything country music wants/needs and more when it comes to pleasing the younger audience. Also, if you look at current country music, there isn’t really a young country music boy group in the works to win over the hearts of millions of young country music lovers. The best thing about Restless Road you ask? The pure fact that they can reach audiences outside the country music genre such as the pop audience. The future is definitely looking good for these three good looking young dudes as they keep their fans guessing what their next move will be and what their music will sound like.
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Katelyn Jae: Not the most memorable performance I’ve ever seen but definitely a quality and well thought out one. Katelyn Jae has a unique voice and performance but nothing quite stood out other than her overall stage appearance. Katelyn and her dancers were sporting a leather and red color scheme while they performed their carefully thought out dance moves. Another aspect of the performance that stuck out to everyone was the bubbles that exploded into the venue at the end of one of her last songs. Personally Katelyn Jae didn’t have that much of an impact on me but that might have been due to the fact she was placed in the middle of the show and placed amidst some of the best up and coming acts right now.
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Dylan Hyde: Dylan Hyde came a long way to perform for the Orlando crowd and it was well worth it! Hyde made himself present on stage quickly as he grabbed the crowd’s attention and pumped them up with upbeat tunes and stage charisma no one could ever resist. I’d definitely like to see Hyde again soon and am excited to see what he does in 2015 with his music since there seems to be a lot of buzz around him and what he’s been working on!
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Overall, the Pop Nation tour was buzz worthy and interactive as it gave a younger-older audience a way to enjoy the same concert. Any age from 11 all the way to 23 could have fully enjoyed the show; we look forward to what each artist has in store for the music industry and for what other shows get put together by Pop Nation Tour!

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