PopNation Tour-ATLANTA RECAP 2015!

PopNation Tour-ATLANTA RECAP 2015!


For those of you who don’t know, the Pop Nation Tour is rolling into your city this summer and bringing the best of the next upcoming acts right to you! Here’s a sneak peek to show you what to expect at a show in a city near you!

The tour is brought to us by legendary manager and President/CEO of the Wright Entertainment Group, Johnny Wright. If the name Johnny Wright seems to ring a bell it’s because he is one of the best managers in the business to date and has managed acts such as Justin Timberlake, Ciara, The Jonas Brothers, and more!

The Pop Nation Tour Atlanta was held on July 21st, 2015 at The Masquerade in downtown Atlanta. From the second you walk into the venue for the tour you immediately had a sense of feeling at home and like you were with family. The acts that Wright picked to showcase on the tour were all absolutely outstanding when it comes to performance, technique, and overall star quality. The tour had the perfect amount of artist variety for all ages so everyone could enjoy it and have a great time with family & friends.

When it came down to the talent there were a few acts that stood out in our minds!

To start, Frankie Z kicked off Pop Nation and did it with a bang! Frankie performed his new song coming out called ‘Pop Back‘ which is probably one of the catchiest things you’ll ever hear and it kind of brings you back to the BackStreet Boys era of music, which we adore! Also, Frankie had the girls swooning with his choreography and vocals, the dude just has it all down pact! Let’s not forget about his piercing eyes, one look and you’re definitely hooked!

Up next was Katelyn Jae who has been working with Johnny Wright for a while now and it definitely shows on stage. Katelyn walked out on stage and completely owned it as she belted out every single note in her songs. Also, Katelyn songs are catchy enough and so well made that just about anyone can get into them whether you know her music or not. I even overheard one audience member compare Katelyn to Pop Princess, Ariana Grande, because of the kind of performance she delivers and how she handles herself onstage. By far one of my favorite moments of the night was when Katelyn brought up some fans on stage to join her in her new song with Nelly! Seeing the instant connection Katelyn had with the fans onstage and in the crowd really draws you into her and shows you how she is as a person also, super sweet and bubbly!

The person with the most anticipation built up to their performance during the Pop Nation Tour would be Carson Lueders. The hair, the style, the dance moves, the background dancers, the vocals, the cuteness, Carson Lueders has it all. Even though Carson’s age demographic he appeals to directly is the much younger female variety his music and routine definitely win over all ages. When it comes to most performers usually the background dancers are there because they are better dancers than the performer but that definitely isn’t the case for Lueders! Carson holds his own very well onstage and for being so young that’s impressive in itself but when you add in vocals and fan interaction he entails the whole package for a superstar. His new single ‘Pop‘ will be coming out this summer and it’s definitely a crowd favorite, but the all-time crowd favorite would have to be ‘Baby Back‘.

As if Dyllan Murray wasn’t already cool enough with the long roster of artists he’s had the opportunity of working with, he tops it with his onstage performance and swagged out backup dancers! Dyllan performed his song ‘Firecracker‘ which features Jack & Jack (Jack Gilinsky & Jack Johnson) at the show in Atlanta and killed the stage. The song is probably one of my favorite songs to date just because it makes you want to grab someone you love and sing them the song. Dyllan is definitely one to watch out for in the upcoming year as we’re sure he is going to be doing huge things!

THE_BOMB_DIGZ WITH A Z! The Bomb Digz, even though they’re only 14, have got their routine and their performance down pact! From the second the girls in the crowd saw a glimpse of the boys they went crazy with this chant that they have made up for their fans. Girls were crying, screaming, and just flat-out freaking out when it came to the boys giving them attention or just singing to them. Performance wise, these boys reminded me of the 21st century version of Boyz II Men since they have their vocals, smooth movements, and perfect timing down.

The second Chris Miles stepped onstage the crowd was bobbing their heads and trying to keep up with his fast pace, quick lick, rapping. Chris is hands down one of the best up and coming rappers I’ve had the pleasure of seeing live and that’s another thing that makes him stand out above other rappers, he does it ALL completely live and on the spot!

Oh how we love when acts come from different countries and perform for us! The Fooo Conspiracy was one of the most energetic, catchiest, fun-filled acts of the night. It was interesting to see so many fans from the U.S. actually know the Fooo’s music and lyrics enough to sing the songs back to them, which is incredible considering The Fooo Conspiracy’s fans are mostly based in Sweden! They performed hits such as ‘Build A Girl‘, ‘Run With Us‘, and of course ‘Roller Coaster‘ which was their first U.S. hit! Besides some technical issues with their microphones, The Fooo Conspiracy definitely brought their game when it came to performing.

The girl group of the night that brought down the house was Sweet Suspense! These girls brought the dance moves, raps, and belting out of the notes that blew the crowd away. Millie, Bryana, and Summer showed us exactly what we’ve been missing from them since their X Factor days. The girls performed their new single ‘Money‘ and their song ‘Like A Girl‘ for the crowd which we believe is going to be one of their biggest songs to date once released. We also have to shout out to our girl Millie of the group who brought it with the raps during the songs which surprised a bunch of people in the crowd!

After Romeo showed up and left the girls in a tizzy with their boy band looks and dance moves. We haven’t really heard much from these boys since their single ‘Love On Lock‘ released and blew up in the U.S. but they showed us what they have in store for their future work by performing their new song ‘Where The People Go‘! The crowd was dancing and singing along as the boys showed them what they were made of in a rendition of Hunter Hayes‘ ‘Wanted‘ acapella version. Also, the boys are very in touch with their Bromeos and Juliets as they took some time to sing to a pretty girl in the audience and played a game of “who has the best way to pick up girls”. Overall, absolutely entertaining and I’d personally see them again and again with no complaints at all.

The headliner, Round2Crew, closed the show perfectly with their set. Performing a bunch of their hits such as ‘Morning After‘ and, their biggest hit to date, ‘Booty Had Me Like‘ the crowd went insane when those beats were dropping! Pape covered the raps and Chase held it down with the vocals/chorus which is exactly why they are the perfect complement duo to each other. Also, they just dropped their new song “Wait For It’ and closed their set with that which was the perfect close to the show. Overall, such a great job done by both Pape and Chase of Round2Crew! Make sure to check them out at their home show concert in September!

Overall, the Pop Nation Tour never fails to disappoint and when it comes to their talent they sure know how to pick them! Every single leg of the Pop Nation Tour seems to get better and better with different acts, new music, and new experiences being shown. Definitely would recommend this tour for all ages but especially ages 10-20! If you love music, you’ll absolutely love this tour!


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