Radio Romance Releases “October EP”-NEW MUSIC!

Radio Romance Releases “October EP”-NEW MUSIC!


Here they go again! Radio Romance just released their new EP titled (the only acceptable title) October EP!

Radio Romance’s EP releases seem to be a reoccurring thing and we ain’t even complaining!

Last month the band released their September EP for the month and now we have another 3-song EP for this month! Have the music Gods been listening to our prayers for more awesomeness from RR?!?

You can snag Radio Romance’s October EP HERE and add these three hits to your other catalog of jams from these boys.


If you don’t happen to have been blessed with this music, check out all  of RR’s social media links below and make sure to give them a look!

Also, they’re constantly on tour so if the boys are ever in your neck of the woods, make sure to see them and say hey!


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