Radio Romance “September EP” Review!

Radio Romance “September EP” Review!


Nashville-based country band, Radio Romance, releases their highly anticipated “September EP” after a year of writing/recording to give their fans a taste for what’s to come!

Between touring nonstop and finding time to breathe, these guys always manage to do the impossible and record anywhere and everywhere they can. The last official music released to the public from Radio Romance was their “What’s Stopping You” EP which was released well over a year ago. Fans were way overdue for some new music to make their heads completely explode in excitement.

Radio Romance does it again with new music! Five out of five stars from me!

The “September EP” sounds much like the other avenues Radio Romance has gone down in their music and continues to exceed expectations when it comes to country music. The lyrics in RR’s songs not only have meaning and purpose but are the perfect representation as who the boys are as a band and individuals. Every song is hand-picked and written with personal experience in mind.

We’re excited to see what else the boys have been working on and what this new music will lead to in the near future!

The songs off the new EP are listed below in bold and all have their own story that they tell. That’s the one thing Radio Romance definitely knows how to do in their lyrical work, tell a damn good story!

Make It Count

Small Town Growing Up

That Ain’t You

My personal favorite songs are “Small Town Growing Up” and “That Ain’t You” off the EP, let us know what your favorites are and how you’re liking the music!

You can download the “September EP” HERE for FREE! Enjoy!

Make sure to follow the boys on all of their social media to keep up with new releases and news from the band!

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