Ricky Dillon and Trevor Moran finally collaborated on a new song and it’s possibly our favorite one to date!

The two YouTube stars are not only known for their entertaining videos on the popular social media site but also for their musical chops! Moran was first found off of the hit show X Factor while Dillon built his popularity off of hilarious personal videos on YouTube. Both Ricky and Trevor have been releasing their own singles which have all been very successful thanks to their dedicated fan bases but now the two teamed up for one song together!

Steal The Show” is such a jam kind of song as it talks about going out, having fun with friends, and just taking on the night.

The music video was beautifully done by Dillon and Moran as they just owned every single aspect of it. From starting out out in a car junkyard to ending up in the most epic club dance scenes in Las Vegas, this music video has it all! Did we also mention our favorite moment of the video was around 0:34 when Trevor was giving us life with his background vocals and showing what he’s got.

Check out the music video above and let us know what you thought!

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