Can anyone say match made in heaven? Russ Macklin and Kyle Reynolds are musical production gold when it comes to making hits.

We have determined that we will never be the same again after the release of this song. “Natural” is a feel good song that brings a more slowed down approach to the EDM sound we’re all used to hearing that has you bobbing your head along to the beat and humming along to the chorus. The song highlights how you can meet someone and instantly have a connection with them that just feels natural (go figure), not forced, and genuine enough for you to fall head over heels in love with them within the first couple moments of knowing them.russmacklin_natural

The track production value in the song brought to the table by Macklin makes this song stand out above the crowd of other EDM songs out on mainstream radio right now and the addition of the lyrical content and vocals brought in by Reynolds just makes “Natural” the perfect musical child.

One thing that also distinctly stands out in this song is the lyrical story told through the song from start to finish. This storytelling is something common in all of Kyle Reynolds’ songs and we’re ecstatic to see it carry over into a song that might not be along the common lines Reynolds has been going along until now in his music, but we’re loving this new direction and sound paired with Kyle’s distinct vocals. Fingers crossed for more Russ Macklin & Kyle Reynolds collaborations!

Take a listen to the full official version of the song below from Macklin & Reynolds, then let us know what you thought!

As an added bonus, enjoy these clever memes in celebration of the new tune cause we honestly think these are some of the funniest things we’ve read for a single promotion, ever. They may or may not be 150% accurate considering how much we love this song, but we’ll let you be the judge of that.

Cheers to you whoever made these, you the real MVP.

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