Sabrina Carpenter Perfects Adele’s “Hello”

Sabrina Carpenter Perfects Adele’s “Hello”


Sabrina Carpenter has been making huge waves in the music industry lately and we absolutely love hearing cover after cover from her!

Adele released her new album 25 today that included her new single “Hello” that everyone has been raving about and the YouTube community has been going crazy with covering. Disney’s Sabrina Carpenter took on her own rendition of the hit and basically killed every single note on the track. For such a small girl it’s amazing to see Carpenter hitting notes that most could only dream of hitting!

Sabrina filmed her cover video in the recording studio that she recorded the song at and looks flawless as always while belting out every little note. There’s just so many similarities between Carpenter and Adele it’s not even funny. The beauty, vocals, blonde hair, and the way they both approach music just leaves us speechless. Great job Sabrina!

Check out Sabrina’s powerful cover of Adele’s “Hello” below and let us know what you thought!

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