Latium Entertainment/RCA Nashville recording artist Sammy Arriaga just released his highly anticipated music video for his single “Cold In Miami“.

We’ve had our eye on Arriaga for quite a while now and we’re super excited to see him release this new video with CMT! Our hometown boy is starting to become a little to big for this Miami scene and is definitely making himself known to everyone in the country music industry.

The “Cold In Miami” music video was directed by David Rousseau who has also worked with huge artists such as Pitbull, Christina Aguilera, and Nicki Minaj. The video follows Sammy throughout his relationship with a beautiful blonde bombshell in Miami and details how different his life would be without her.

Check out some scenes from the music video and check out the official music video from Arriaga below!

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Make sure to check out the “Cold In Miami” music video below and grab the single HERE!

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