In today’s fast paced world it’s hard for girls to pull back on the rapid way we expect them to grow and develop to match today’s society; and most of the time they lose their whole childhood once they get caught up in fast forwarding to being adults. Savannah Keyes wrote the perfect ballad depicting this reoccurring situation and shared it with everyone at the Song Suffragettes in October.

Let Me Be” encourages girls, and guys, to slow down their fast paced lives and just be in the moment. Regardless of what society expects one to be or what you feel like you should be, you should just be you to your truest form. The song just speaks to so many different issues going on in todays world when it comes to self confidence, growing up too soon, and the struggles of loving ones self.

Our absolute favorite line in the song that really hits home was:

“Let me be myself cause, everyone else is taken. Let me be a friend worth making. Let me young and free”

We’ve had the incredible chance to hear the song live and in its rawest form possible; yep, it’s even better live! Check out the song, follow Savannah along on her musical journey as she grows and develops as an artist, and just support breathtaking music like this. Here’s to you Ms. Keyes!

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