YouTube Sensation, Savannah Outen, Perfectly Describes #BOYS

YouTube Sensation, Savannah Outen, Perfectly Describes #BOYS

YouTube veteran singer, Savannah Outen, is “making all the girls lose their minds” over her new hit single ‘Boys’!

WARNING: This song will definitely get stuck in your head and you will find yourself humming/singing it throughout the day….also VERY VERY relatable for us girls!

The new single from Savannah talks about not letting a moment pass when you meet someone, even if it is by accident. So many people go through their life and let little moments pass by that could be monumental and change their life for the better. The music video depicts Outen chasing after this guy who she saw once, said nothing to, and then she was on the lookout for him throughout the video but doesn’t find him again until she gives up and he ends up being her next door neighbor!

The music video is beautifully done and includes some of Savannah’s famous friends of YouTube such as Macy Kate and Lucas Cruikshank! The backdrop of the video consists of New York City and the whole video being in black and white makes this one of my favorite videos, ever. Great job yet again Savannah!

I’ve been following Savannah’s career since she put out this little beauty below called ‘If You Only Knew’ featuring Tony Oller from MKTO as her love interest. This song was my JAM when I was in high school cause who doesn’t have a crush on a boy and not tell him about it? EVERYONE! Check it out!

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