See Drake Dance Like Never Before In New “Hotline Bling” Music Video

See Drake Dance Like Never Before In New “Hotline Bling” Music Video


Drake breaks out all the moves in his new music video for his most recent hit “Hotline Bling” and everyone is swooning over it!

The cha-cha, two-step, and other dance moves were broken out especially for Drake’s new video! Everyone, even if they aren’t interested in Drake’s music, is talking about the newest video from the hit maker.

Of course no rap/R&B video is a video without attractive women adorning the set but definitely tastefully done by Drizzy and his crew!

The video is basically a glorification of Drake and his bomb dance moves. The set was completely white with hints and accents of color due to light enhancements but the star of the show was definitely Drake and his moves.

The amount of GIFs of Drake doing the cha-cha and other slow dance moves are abundant and making our lives all over our timelines.

Great job Drizzy! The music video was released on Apple Music so make sure to click the link below to watch!

Let us know what you think and love every minute of this as much as we are! Savor it, replay it, obsess over it!

Hotline Bling Music Video Here


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