Selena Gomez ‘Revival’ Album (REVIEW)

Selena Gomez ‘Revival’ Album (REVIEW)


Selena Gomez released her Revival album and it’s everything we’ve been waiting for from the starlet.

Below is the Revival track listing along with my personal commentary on each song

1. “Revival

This song sets the tone for the rest of the album. The beginning of the song is a monologue by Gomez and it talks about how she has finally come into her own and has revived as a person. The song is a slow and intimate song with strong lyrical content. Perfect song to really represent the rest of the album.

2. “Kill Em With Kindness

Selena said she wrote this song after she grew up in this industry and her mother would always tell her this phrase to keep her strong and moving on to reach her dreams. A lot of people talk about things they don’t understand or don’t have the right information on so sometimes you just have to “kill em with kindness”!

The songs lyrics are my favorite aspect of the track simply because I feel like it really taps into what Sel has been going through in the last couple years with all the media scrutiny and being looked at under a microscope for so long. That’s the thing about Selena though, even though people say some of the nastiest things about her in the media, she always is the most gracious and nicest person to these cruel people.

Kill Em With Kindness.640_selena_gomez_revival_cover_art

3. “Hands To Myself

“Hands To Myself” is such a jam! Gomez’s haunting vocals in the beginning of the song and in the chorus’ make us so happy! This is a slower type of club song and it kind of reminds us of Prince‘s hit song “Kiss” in the way it is sang. We are completely obsessed with this one and it’s something we haven’t heard from anyone in quite a while!

**SPOILER ALERT: listen to the end of the song and listen for the beat drop when all you can hear is Selena’s voice saying “I mean I could but why would I want to”. IT’S EVERYTHING. **


4. “Same Old Love

This song is my personal favorite off of the album and it talks about how time after time there’s just been this same old love that keeps letting you down and not being the great big love you were taught it was supposed to be. The song is super catchy and just makes you want to scream the chorus at the top of your lungs. Definitely a sassy and powerful song.

5. “Sober

From first listen this song is very techno-esque and it has a heavy beat in the baseline. “Sober” is about how someone has to be drunk in order to love someone else when it should be like that all the time, especially when the individual is actually sober. The lyrical content in this song is so powerful as it talks about the push and pull in a relationship and how Selena just wants her opposite to be the same sober as when they’re drunk. Like every relationship there’s that push and pull back that’s shown in the bridge when Selena talks about how she should leave but the love is too good.

I would be more than happy if this came to fruition as a single off the album.

Selena-Gomez--Revival-Photoshoot-2015--026. “Good For You” (feat. A$AP Rocky)

We love how much slower Sel took this album and this was the first single off of the record that really wowed listeners since it was something we weren’t used to hearing from Sel. “Good For You” is this tune that talks about how someone just wants to look good for their partner and feel good about themselves in something as simple as a sexy dress. A$AP Rocky’s feature on this song really brings it to that next level it needed to be absolutely perfect. The song is hypnotizing and Selena’s vocals will just get stuck in you head all day long if you’re not careful!

7. “Camouflage

This song starts with a heavy piano melody and Selena’s vocals come in just in time to completely engulf you into the song. “Camouflage” is a ballad about how someone can be one person one day and then a completely other another day and disappear out of your life out of nowhere. I can’t wait to see Selena on tour simply because I feel like this will be such a huge song she’ll do on tour with just a spotlight, mic, and piano. It’ll be a moment for sure.

8. “Me & the Rhythm

This song is such an outstanding song when it comes to rhythm and lyrics (hence the title). “Me & The Rhythm” just makes you feel good and want to get up and dance any worries you have away as it’s just you and the song. The song is about how someone only needs music and that’s it in the world to get them through whatever they’re going through. This is another song I can’t wait to see performed onstage on the Revival Tour simply because I know Selena will be busting out some awesome choreography in it like she has previously on other tours.

9. “Survivors

This song is definitely a club track if the tempo was brought up a bit more since it already has the beginnings of one. The song talks about how a group of people survive the world and they can do anything as long as they take it on together.maxresdefault

10. “Body Heat

This sexy and Latin influenced song has us thinking of J Lo and we ain’t complaining! Selena brings out some of her Hispanic roots in this song as you just want to bust out in a samba or cha cha by listening to the track. The song talks about how all Selena needs is someone to be with her and to have their body heat around her. Also, Sel sounds like she’s having a blast on the track so it’s definitely going to be one of those feel good party songs to perform!

11. “Rise

This song is an empowering African-feeling song with motivational lyrics saying to get up and shine at your lowest times. We could see this song being one of those songs played at the Olympics as it talks about rising above others and being the best you can be. This is another one of my favorite tracks off of the album as its lyrical content is inspirational and relatable in every sense.

12. “Me & My Girls

A grand opening with a big band feel with different horns and big band instruments to start the song off. The song is a girl anthem perfect for any girls night out and for you and your girls. “Me & My Girls” talks about how they don’t need anyone but each other and definitely don’t need any guy to make them happy. It’s refreshing hearing a female in the industry releasing a song like this one simply because usually every song is about how a girl is looking for a guy or the other way around. Sometimes you just need a night out with your girls in order to feel sane.

11201580_488926397943715_1399469402_n13. “Nobody

This song is another beautiful slow ballad and another one of my absolutely favorites off of the whole record. The song talks about how nobody would be able to love like another person loves. This song is so relatable and personal to anyone listening to it because everyone knows the love struggle of loving someone but it not working out and you wanting no one but “that one person”.

Fingers crossed that Sel makes this a single also cause I’m obsessed! (With every song off of this album I’m throwing a mini party cause I’m so excited to see all of these on tour)

14. “Perfect

The last song off of the deluxe version of the album wrapped it up perfectly. Keeping with the whole slow and hypnotizing aspect of the whole album, “Perfect” talks about how a girl views another girl as perfect and perfect for him. Selena touches on an aspect that almost every female deals with in their life one way or another thinking about how another has/is everything that they could never be. Maybe if you changed the way you look or the way you did something that person would love you the way they love another.

Definitely another personal favorite off the album and the perfect song (literally) to end the album on a strong note.


From start to finish, Selena slayed this album. I am absolutely obsessed with this new Selena who has no regrets and no apologies for anything she does. This album not only reflect Sel for who she is right now in her life but also speaks for all women around her age as we’re all going through some of the same situations whether extremely similar or not.

Make sure to grab Revival HERE and review it, tell Selena your own opinion of it, and just appreciate how much vulnerability there is in every song on this album.

Great job Sel! Keep killing it!

Thanks for reading!

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