Selena Gomez Wows Selenators at #RevivalEvent!

Selena Gomez Wows Selenators at #RevivalEvent!


A select number of Selenators were in for a treat on Wednesday night as they got to join Selena Gomez for her exclusive #REVIVALevent in LA!

Selena Gomez has set out to make her new album the best one she’s released yet!

From the location, to the decor, to Selena spending THREE HOURS to meet fans….the #REVIVALevent was absolutely perfect.


Not only were fans given exclusive content from Selena but they also got to hear the whole ‘Revival‘ album before its October 9th release date, see the ‘Same Old Love‘ music video, see Sel perform her new single ‘Same Old Love’ live for the first time ever, AND little did they know there was cameras filming them so they’d be featured in parts of the ‘Same Old Love’ music video when it’s released!

****You can purchase ‘Same Old Love’, ‘Good For You’, and pre-order ‘Revival’ HERE!****


The picture below is an exclusive of Selena performing ‘Same Old Love’ for the first time!

CPEdD1mUsAAlpV3 (1)Below are some of the fan-made posters that plastered the walls of the event! Sel had asked fans to send in poster art for her single ‘Good For You‘ but didn’t actually specify why she wanted the art. Turns out, Selena wanted to involve and feature her Selenators as much as possible in the event and decided to highlight the beautiful pieces throughout the event, check them out below!

And yes, you heard me right, Selena dedicated three complete hours to just meeting every single fan that showed up to the event. From selfies, to tears, to long-tight hugs, everything and anything was a go at this one of a kind meet and greet and we are LIVING for these pictures! Check them out below!

Selena documented the whole event and put it all into a nice 33 second video for everyone who wasn’t able to attend! Check it out below!

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