Obsessed. Just obsessed. Spencer Sutherland never fails to impress with his covers! This week he took on Fetty Wap‘s hits and we’re just in awe.

Not going to lie, I’ve played this cover 25 times in the last hour and I can’t get it off replay. Sorry not sorry!¬†Sutherland took songs that usually have a heavy R&B/Rap sound and completely re-did it and made them his own. Quite honestly this mashup video is the most beautiful thing my ears have had the pleasure of hearing in months! Who knew singing sexually about a woman could sound so beautiful?

Spencer took Fetty Wap’s “679“, “Again“, and “My Way” to create this cover and it’s just ingenious.

Ok, I know I can go on for another 5,000 pages about how outstanding this video is but now it’s time for you to go take a listen to it for yourself! Great job Spence, You never fail to leave me in awe!

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