Taylor Swift 1989 Tell-All GrammyPro

Taylor Swift 1989 Tell-All GrammyPro


The Queen of the music industry just keeps giving us more and more to understand exactly why she dominates the music charts.

Taylor Swift joined up with GrammyPro to bring everyone the inside scoop of how she made her latest album 1989.

Swift talks about working with Imogen Heap, Ryan Tedder, Max Martin, and more. The intimate session included Swift sharing her personal voice notes to different writers showing exactly how she made some of the hits off of 1989!


Also, Taylor was honored with being inducted into the Nashville Producers and Engineers Wing which is difficult to get into due to the high amount of credits/hours a producer/engineer needs for the honor. Congrats Taylor!

Check out the 3-part videos below and learn how absolutely ingenious Taylor Swift actually is!

Pt-1 of GrammyPro Tell-All

Pt-2 of GrammyPro Tell-All

Pt-3 of GrammyPro Tell-All

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