Taylor Swift 1989 World Tour LIVE Trailer

Taylor Swift 1989 World Tour LIVE Trailer


Taylor Swift just ended her 1989 World Tour after 85 dates and a whole year of constant on the year touring. Taylor has a surprise for everyone that we were all hoping she’d spring on us!

Swift announced today that she would be releasing a 1989 World Tour Live movie which basically takes her whole 2-hour concert and shows it all for you to see at home! Everything from the famous cast of guest singers that were invited, to the costumes Swift danced around in, all the way to the whole stage look; you get everything you wanted to see from the 1989 Tour without having to even leave your room!

The movie will be available Sunday, December 20th, and is going to be exclusively on Apple Music. We think it’s awesome that Apple and Tay fixed their beef¬†(Read Here To See What We’re Talking About!)¬†and are now collaborating on new projects!

We’re super excited to see this HD, one of a kind, look at Taylor’s 1989 World Tour! What do you think about the movie? Let us know!

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