Taylor Swift Stands Up To Apple.

Taylor Swift Stands Up To Apple.

Taylor Swift wrote an open letter to Apple Music in regards to their new music streaming service that is about to debut and why she is withholding her most recent ‘1989’ album from the service in order to take a stand.

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After withholding her latest album from Spotify Music streaming service for the past couple months you’d think music streaming services would get the hint that going on not paying their featured artists wasn’t going to fly, especially not for Ms. Swift. Taking to her prominent Tumblr profile and writing a letter titled “To Apple, Love Taylor”, Taylor Swift has made it very clear how it’s gonna be when it comes to respecting musical artists’ work as much as every other job or item of commerce.

Apple Music is launching and for the first 3 months of the launch there will be free music streaming for everyone to try out the service, but the catch is that during these 3 months the artists being played on the service won’t be getting paid any royalties while their tracks are being played hundreds of thousands of times. The music industry within the past couple years has slowly but surely been depleting due to people ripping music off the internet for free and all of these free music sharing programs popping up that in the end the artist who created the music doesn’t get anything for their work.

Swift made a good point to Apple and stuck up for not only her work as an artist but the smaller artists who wouldn’t be heard or respected if it wasn’t for her.

“We don’t ask you for free iPhones. Please don’t ask us to provide you with our music for no compensation.”~ Taylor Swift

Some people are claiming that Swift only wrote this letter and is making a big deal about the not getting paid simply because of her own selfishness but in my opinion she’s probably the only person in the music business right now with a big enough influence to make this much-needed change. Like she says in the letter, Swift is fighting for the new artists who are trying to simply pay their bills and won’t be getting the reward for their hard work if nothing is changed.

Thanks to Taylor Apple Music took note of the world-wide supported letter and personally called her to acknowledge it and let her know they will indeed be paying artists for those 3 months of free play for their trials.

YOU GO T-SWIZZLE! Once again, Taylor Swift shows how badass she is and fights for what’s genuinely right. Slowly the music industry is depleting when it comes to record sales and revenue, if nothing is done about it within a couple of years there will be no real reason for artists to do music as a career as they will not be able to support themselves.

What’s your opinion on the whole situation? Let us know!

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