The 15 Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes Of 2015

The 15 Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes Of 2015


Halloween is the time of year that you can be yourself or completely alter who you are as a person at least for one day. We picked the top best celebrity costumes of 2015 for you guys to enjoy! Check them out!

Try to guess who each of these famous celebrities in costume are below and then look below to see who is who! Enjoy!

  1. Ellen Degeneres as Karla Kardashian
  2. Victoria Justice as Amy Winehouse
  3. Jennifer Lopez & Casper Smart as stylish skeletons
  4. Dove Cameron & Ryan McCartan as Team Rocket from Pokemon
  5. Taylor Swift as Olaf from Disney’s Frozen
  6. Sabrina Carpenter as Khaleesi from Game of Thrones
  7. Colton Haynes as Ursula from The Little Mermaid
  8. Chrissy Teigen as Guy Fieri
  9. Olivia Holt, Bradley Steven Perry, Jordan Fisher, Jake Short, Michael Terra, and Austin North as Power Rangers
  10. 5 Seconds of Summer as Rockers
  11. Gigi Hadid as Sandy from Grease
  12. Monique Coleman as Dionne from Clueless and Corbin Bleu as Lenny Kravitz
  13. Little Mix as KISS
  14. Heidi Klum as Jessica Rabbit
  15. Justin Bieber as Jackie Moon from the movie Semi-Pro

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