The Best Of Todrick Hall (So Far)!

The Best Of Todrick Hall (So Far)!


Do you like laughing hysterically? Do you like Disney movies/works re-created to be more relatable to today’s 21st century vibes? Do you enjoy non-stop entertainment between 3-8 minutes that will have you singing and dancing while you wish you could sing and dance? Quite frankly do you just love music to pieces? Then Todrick Hall’s videos are for you!

Todrick got his start on Broadway but shortly left his original performing dream for a larger one by quitting Broadway and moving to California with nothing. Todrick teams up with a wide arrange of actors, dancers, other musical artists, and social media stars to bring the best collaborations possible to his viewers.

Watch my favorite picks from Todrick below and let me know what yours are! Enjoy!


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