Warner Brothers Records just signed a new girl group and they are ready to take on the world known as L2M!

It’s no secret that there hasn’t been a real girl group besides Fifth Harmony come out in the last couple years and especially when it comes to the younger audience. Warner Brothers is answering this void with a new girl group called L2M which has been all the buzz in the industry this week!

The girls in the group go by the names Mariangeli, McKenzie, Lexi, Tati and Jenna while all having their own signature styles and personalities. The cultural differences between all these girls and the different talents each girl brings to the group definitely makes these gals stand out above the rest. They’re kind of this generations Spice Girls! This girl group has a very bright future ahead of them as each girl is only 11-12 years of age! So much talent for being so young!


The first single from the new group is called “GIRLZ” and is a powerful girl anthem that is going to be featured in the all-new LEGO® Friends original movie entitled Girlz 4 Life.

Check out the “GIRLZ” music video below and let us know what you thought!

Also, check out the girls’ brand new website!


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