This Video Of Johnny Depp Will Pull Every Heart String You Have.

This Video Of Johnny Depp Will Pull Every Heart String You Have.

Actor Johnny Depp plays some of the most outlandish roles in the industry but his no care in the world attitude is quickly put in check and he shows a different side of him in the most recent interview with Graham Norton.

From Sweeney Todd to Edward Scissorhands to Captain Jack Sparrow, Depp has played them all. The actor is always more serious in interviews and we’ve never saw this more personal, emotional, side of Johnny until today.

Depp understands what it means to bring joy to people in their toughest times, especially since he had to care for his daughter in the hospital when she was ill when she was younger. Depp gets super emotional talking about his daughter and her illness in the video below.

Even more of a reason to love Johnny Depp more than you already do? He dresses up as Captain Jack Sparrow and visits different hospitals around the world to bring everyone a little bit of happiness that will hopefully take away from the tough times they are in at the moment.

Such an incredible guy and human being for going out of his way to do this for these people and it’s absolutely one of the best things we’ve seen, ever. Check out both videos below and have your heart ripped open with us. Let us know what you thought!

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