Top 5 Songs Upcoming Artist Tori Kelly Released You Can With Us...

Top 5 Songs Upcoming Artist Tori Kelly Released You Can With Us Obsess Over:

Tori Kelly was once a normal teenager with a dream of being the next big thing and sharing her original music with everyone when the worst let down (from a 16 year old’s perspective) turned into one of the best things, ever.

If you don’t already know about, hit manager, Scooter Braun’s most recent artist he’s blowing up the charts with we’ve created the one-stop place to feed almost everyone’s current obsession: Tori Kelly. Tori Kelly keeps things real and original by stating the perfect truth in every single one of her songs. It’s admirable that Kelly doesn’t give in and just write up-beat, happy, ballads and instead writes the real truth that most individuals can actually relate to. Most listeners say that Tori says what everyone wishes they could say or says what everyone is thinking in each of her compositions.

And don’t be fooled by Tori’s good looks and beautiful blonde locks, the girl has some major singing chops as she can give you chills with one single note being belted out. I’ve personally seen Tori strut herself in person and it’s just as amazing as it is on the actual studio recorded records! Check out that video from the Florida leg of her ‘Nobody Love’ radio tour here: Tori Kelly FemaleSeacrest Exclusive

1. ‘Should’ve Been Us’:

2. ‘Funny’:

3. ‘Unbreakable Smile’:

4. ‘Dear No One’:

5. ‘Nobody Love’:

And since we only picked the top 5 we’re just going to throw this one in as a bonus since it was overall way to hard to choose only 5 of Kelly’s originals!

Here’s ‘All In My Head’ which is also another fan favorite for your listening pleasure!

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