Troye Sivan’s ‘Blue Neighbourhood’ Trilogy

Troye Sivan’s ‘Blue Neighbourhood’ Trilogy


Troye Sivan is mostly known for his success on YouTube as a social media personality but now he is stepping out into the spotlight as his very own musical artist. Sivan just released his Blue Neighbourhood trilogy videos and fans are pumped for the official album release.

The trilogy of music video for Sivan’s popular songs “WILD“, “FOOLS“, and “TALK ME DOWN” all work together to tell a story that reminds us of a short-film. Troye’s album Blue Neighbourhood is set to drop December 4th and we are going to die of happiness when it does.

The “WILD” video shows two kids meeting, becoming friends, and growing up together/falling in love. The emotional video shows the two children getting torn apart due to their father’s bad drinking habits but they still gravitate back towards each other.

Watch the “WILD” video below, Part 1 of 3 videos!

The “FOOLS” music video continues the storyline of Troye and his love interest from the last video. The video goes through the love interests father finding out he’s gay and brutally reacting to that discovery. The video is very much realistic and impactful by how the people actually react to these situations in real life. Troye’s love interest turns against Troye and acts as if he is no longer gay whenever he is in his fathers presence and starts going around with females.

Unfortunately in our world, this video touches very close to home similar to what kids these days have to do in order just to survive in the judgmental world we live in.

The “TALK ME DOWN” music video is the third in the trilogy and puts a seal on the tragic love story. When Troye’s love interests father passes away, it seems as if the barrier that was blocking the two from being together was finally gone. Troye comforts the boy after his fathers passing when the boys girlfriend walks up and finds them looking rather comfortable with each other. The video ends with the boy remembering who he was when he was younger and happy with Troye as the director leaves you to think that the boy either jumped off the cliff into the blue ocean or he could’ve lived.

Troye Sivan is simply a genius for putting together this coherent trilogy showing what it is really like to be gay and not be able to live your life the way you wish you could. Sometimes it’s easier to give into expectations rather than fight for what makes you happy.

Check out the trilogy videos and let us know what you think. Truly amazing, great job Troye!

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