Tyler Ward- Yellow Boxes Tour- ORLANDO

Tyler Ward- Yellow Boxes Tour- ORLANDO


Tyler Ward took Orlando by storm last week on his tour stop of the Yellow Boxes Tour and we were there to catch it all!

Tyler is known for his YouTube music success and has taken it to the next level with his most recent successful tour!

Local artists Taylor Hewitt and Eden Shireen helped bring the crowd in as they opened for Ward on his Orlando tour date. Acoustic sets were performed by all artists and it helped set the perfect atmosphere in the room to prepare for Tyler’s set. Both acts played originals and covers which easily fit into the theme of the night and they sounded impeccable.

When Tyler hit the stage there was an instant feeling of homeliness and togetherness that overcame the venue. When Ward performs the crowd is captivated in the way he tells stories, the unique way he performs his songs differently than they were heard on the official tracks, and how he connects single-handedly with every single person in the crowd.

The set started out with Tyler’s cover mash-ups and moved into his more original pieces of work which had everyone in the room dancing and singing along. There was even a point in which Tyler played brand new songs off his newly released Yellow Boxes EP and the crowd didn’t know most of the lyrics but they still were able to sing-along with Tyler’s help.


Tyler has gone through quite a bit in the last year in itself and was so open about it in the concert. As Tyler told his story behind each of his original songs he left a little piece of himself and a lesson that he had learned in life that he wanted the audience to take away from his music. Ward even went on a 3-5 minute speech about his last year in life, how he has been changed for the better, and how he has overcome many of life’s sins. Truly inspiring and there wasn’t a word to be said in the whole house.

But the most incredible part of the night that stood out in my mind was definitely when Ward left the stage and went down into the sea of people below him to perform. The lights in the venue dimmed and Tyler’s face was only highlighted by the crowds phone lights as he belted out some of his originals and covers harmoniously with the crowd. You know what the most amazing part was? No microphone. Just Tyler’s voice and presence along with the sound of his fans’ voices. Probably one of the most beautiful and heartfelt moments I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing.


It was honestly such a magical night filled with good music, great vibes, and even better people!

Ward is on tour all fall for his newly released EP, Yellow Boxes (BUY THE EP HERE), and is entertaining crowds across the United States and overseas!


Check out the tour dates below and make sure to get tickets HERE for a city near you!

October 5th, 2015- Nashville, TN

October 6th, 2015- Vienna, VA

October 7th, 2015- Philadelphia, PA

October 8th, 2015- Asbury Park, NJ

October 9th, 2015- New York, NY

October 10th, 2015- Boston, MA

October 12th, 2015- Montreal, QC

October 13th, 2015- Ottawa, ON

October 14th, 2015- Toronto, ON

October 16th, 2015- Chicago, IL

October 17th, 2015- Iowa City, IA

October 18th, 2015- Minneapolis, MN

October 20th, 2015- Vancouver, BC

October 21st, 2015- Seattle, WA

October 22nd, 2015- Portland, OR

October 24th, 2015- Los Angeles, CA

November 11th, 2015- Amsterdam, Netherlands

November 12th, 2015- Hamburg, Germany

November 14th, 2015- KOLN, Germany

November 15th, 2015- MUNCHEN, Germany

November 16th, 2015- Frankfurt, Germany

November 17th, 2015- Zurich, Switzerland

November 18th, 2015- Stuttgart, Germany

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