Who Has The Best ‘Want To Want Me’ by Jason Derulo Cover?

Who Has The Best ‘Want To Want Me’ by Jason Derulo Cover?


With the drop of Jason Derulo’s new hit single ‘Want To Want Me’ off of his upcoming album “Everything is 4” (set to release in June) there is bound to be an overflow of covers thrown up on YouTube in honor of the infectious hit.

We’ve picked the best of the best and have them here for your viewing pleasure to make your ears VERY happy instantly!

Here’s Derulo’s original version of ‘Want To Want Me’ so you can compare!:

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Listed below in no particular order are the covers with the artists social media links so if you like it make sure to go let them know how much you enjoyed their cover!

1. The Johnsons Cover:

These brothers put out cover after cover that I’m absolutely obsessed over! These boys aren’t just some pretty faces as they have the vocals & musical skills to kill the music scene. This cover of ‘Want To Want Me’ is definitely one of my top faves and I think I almost broke the repeat button on YouTube, check it out!

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2. Andrew Bazzi Cover:

This Vine star slows down the up-tempo hit beautifully and turned it into one heck of a ballad, check it out!

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3. Elyar Fox’s Cover:

Elyar, like always, brought the acoustic jams that makes the girls swoon! Elyar made ‘Want To Want Me’ his very own with just a guitar and his vocals, check it out!

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4. Ali Brustofski’s Cover:

This gal holds her own against all these boys as she puts her own little twist on Derulo’s hit! Filmed at YouTube Space NY brought a colorful and unique approach to the song, check it out!

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5. Mike Tompkins’ Cover:

Acapella strips down everything an artist has to hide behind and really allows them to make a song their own, Mike Thompkins definitely killed this acapella version! Check it out!

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Let me know who’s cover was your favorite!
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