Who’s The Best Calvin Klein Underwear Model?

Who’s The Best Calvin Klein Underwear Model?


The infamous Calvin Klein ad campaign is known for revealing everything, literally.

Every campaign that Calvin Klein does generally has the same theme but small details that are different for each. For example, Nick Jonas’ 2014 campaign was modeled after Mark Wahlberg’s 1992 ad which showed Jonas posing with a backwards baseball cap and the signature Calvin Klein underwear. The most famous Calvin Klein underwear ads to date are that of Mark Wahlberg, Nick Jonas, and now Justin Bieber.

Which star do you think sported the tighty whities the best and did the Calvin Klein brand the justice it deserves? Also, there is speculation that some of the pictures may be photoshopped/enhanced to make “certain areas” more full or better looking. You be the judge!


Female Seacrest


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